About the Company

In 2006, Bio Agens Research and Development - BARD, s.r.o. (BARD) was founded to research, develop and produce products containing Pythium for use in human and veterinary care, building maintenance and agricultural purposes. In 2010 the company owners, obtained a patent for the use of the Pythium oligandrum organism for use in their products exclusively.

The products are based on the microbiological properties of the Pythium oligandrum organism which suppresses fungal infections and many bacterial pathogens. The company manufactures products for the human and veterinary fields and focuses on a range of products for the care of human skin, feet, hands, oral cavity, feminine hygiene products and non-healing wounds. In animals the products focus predominantly on fungal infections of the skin, coat, claws and hooves.

BARD advocates sustainability development as defined both by the Club of Rome and the European Parliament and is currently one of the leading manufacturers of bio products that suppress fungal, bacterial and other symptoms that usually reduce quality of life and adversely affect human and animal health.

The company philosophy is a natural way to health with no harmful side effects.

BARD has a brand name of CLEVER FUNGUS due to the mode of operation of the Pythium oligandrum microorganism that does not produce antibiotics and it is able to distinguish between other organisms and fungal pathogens and only consumes these organisms thus no harmful effects.