Fungal infections

Fungal infections (Ringworm, Dermatophytosis) is a clinical condition caused by several different species of dermatophytic fungi. These fungi feed on keratin (outer layer of skin, hair and nails). The most common causative agents of Dermatophytosis in dogs and cats are Microsporum canis, which is diagnosed in 77% of dermatophytic infections and Trichophyton mentagrophytes, are diagnosed in approximately 24% of dogs and it occurs very sporadically in cats. This dermatophyte is often found in domestic and wild rodents. It usually appears as a red, crusty rough area of skin with broken hair and hair loss in a typical circular shape. The circular shape is the typical appearance of the lesions, but these lesions can appear as irregular shapes. The condition may also be mistaken for the presence of external parasites which cause itching as well as also disguising itself as a secondary bacterial infection with purulent manifestations. When it affects the claws of animals it may cause warping, distortion and chipping, which is very painful for the animal and may result in problems with walking.

The condition is transmitted by not only infected individuals but also contaminated items around an animal, thus it is very important to follow strict hygiene procedures and only use the animal’s own equipment (collars, halters, brushes, etc.). Amongst longhaired breeds of cats approximately 89% are asymptomatic carriers, thus showing no symptoms, but they still have hair dermatophytes. Dermatophytes usually penetrate the skin when there is an injury or if the skin is weakened as healthy skin cannot be penetrated. In regards to transmission several factors affect whether an animal is infected or not such as the animal’s age, immunity levels and whether they are pregnant or lactating. If dermatophytosis is not treated, it may disappear and heal on its own however; this may take several months or even years. Fungal infections are HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS.

Clever Fungus Ecosin

Clever Fungus mycoparasitically eliminates fibrous micromycetes and yeast organisms on the skin, hair and other skin derivatives (hooves, claws, etc.).

Clever Fungus Dermasin oil

Clever Fungus utilises mycoparasitism to destroy the filamentous micromycetes and fungus on the skin, coat and other areas. Dermasin oil is suitable for local fungi and yeast infections.