Yeast Infections

The most common occurring yeast infections are caused by Malassezia pachydermatis and Candida Albicans. These organisms can cause infection in healthy animals if there is an increase in skin oils, thus causing favourable conditions for the organisms to multiply on the skin. Other factors which may increase the risk of infection is increased moisture of the skin, keratinization defects, impaired immunity as found in atopic eczema or allergy to the yeasts themselves. The increased incidence of these infections can also be related to previous treatment with antibiotics or corticosteroids. Malassezia often occur simultaneously with bacterial infections, especially caused by staphylococci. The areas most commonly affected are the auditory canal which often becomes reddened and sensitive, legs, head, neck or around the anus. The animals are often seen licking, scratching or shaking their head. Scaling, hyperpigmentation, discharge and odour also often occur.

 Clever Fungus Ecosin

The Clever Fungus actively seeks out yeasts and sucks out the nutrients required for their survival, thereby destroying them. Production of enzymes inhibits the growth of bacteria that often cause secondary infection and absorbs odour often associated with this infection.

Clever Fungus Dermasin Oil

Clever Fungus utilises mycoparasitism to destroy the filamentous micromycetes and fungus on the skin, coat and other areas. Dermasin oil is suitable for local fungi and yeast infections.