Paw and Claw care

When paws are affected with an ailment the paw pads are often affected, inter digital spaces or claws and the nail beds. These ailments may be caused by parasitic, fungal or bacterial infections, mechanical injury, burns, and chemicals, particularly salt in winter or allergic reactions. Allergies often cause itching, which is accompanied by inflammation due to yeast and secondary bacterial infections. Scabs and fluid filled blisters form on the pads and toes. Nails affected by dermatophytes are often distorted, brittle and eventually fall off. If the claw is affected by bacteria the bed becomes red, swollen and pus forms. All of these ailments are very painful for the animal and often cause problems with walking and nervousness. Individual animals can be seen licking and scratching, which leads to the affected area becoming worse and the infection may spread to healthy tissues throughout the body thus worsening the infection.

Clever Fungus Ecosin

Clever Fungus mycoparasitically eliminates fibrous micromycetes and yeast organism on the skin, hair and other skin derivatives. The enzymatic activity of Pythium oligandrum inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause inflammatory responses and reduces odour. The skin becomes dry after application, less sensitive and the skin's natural protective barrier is restored.