Inflammatory Skin Patches

In immunosuppressed animals, wounds heal very poorly. This problem mainly affects dogs. Main areas affected are the paws, muzzle or skin folds. The formation of skin inflammation can be increased by cutaneous viral infections, bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases, disorders of the endocrine gland, pigmentation disorders and keratinization. Furthermore, non-healing wounds may be caused by physical and chemical causes, psychogenic factors (self-harm) and cutaneous neoplasms. During the winter when the sidewalks and roads are maintained with salt, many animals suffer from cracked pads and itching between the toes. If the wound develops a bacterial infection, this results in inflammatory deposits that are very painful for the dog and can also cause problems with walking. The animal is then nervous and bites, chews or licks the affected area constantly.


Clever Fungus Ecosin

The enzymatic activity of Pythium oligandrum inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause inflammatory conditions and also reduces odour. The skin becomes dry after application and assists in restoring the skin’s natural protective barrier.